21st June 2021

The History of Fuji St. John's School PART 1

 After the death of the founder of Sakuramachi Hospital, Father Totsuka Bunkei, his collaborator, Okamura Fuku, was ordered by the then Archbishop of Tokyo, Doi Tatsuo, to found the Missionary Order of St. John the Evangelist and to take over the management of Sakuramachi Hospital. 

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17th June 2021

Messages from Mother Okamura to Her Sisters

(From letters she left behind)


10th June 2021

Messages from Mother Okamura to Her Sisters

(From letters she left behind)


31st May 2021

Konoharagakuin 1955~1975 - Memories

23rd May 2021

Konoharagakuin 1955~1975 Part 4

One day, there were many cases of dysentery and epidemic diarrhea at the school, and Dr. Nakamura at the clinic was extremely busy. As a result of the stool tests, all the children and staff who had the disease were quarantined in the Mochitoku dormitory, where they lived together for about a month while undergoing continuous stool tests. At this time, the laboratory department of Sakuramachi Hospital was very helpful, and Sister Inagaki also came to the hospital to help out.

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16th May 2021

Konoharagakuin 1955~1975 Part 3

 The staff and sisters took care of the children with all their heart and souls, and were supported and, in turn, learnt much from the children's innocense. They were often comforted by the children's gradual progress. The staff took turns praying before and after meals, but one day, a child who was eating before the others because he had to go out did not start eating even though the staff often encouraged him to do so.

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10th May 2021

Konoharagakuin 1955~1975 Part 2

 The farmers in the neighborhood were kind enough to sell us vegetables and the grocery store provided us with food, so we were able to cook something that the children would enjoy, despite our poverty. One of the boys who oversaw the spreading of margarine on the cobbled bread for breakfast, dividing it into three equal portions and placing them on plastic plates. However, pieces went missing because the boy was popping them into his mouth while delivering it down the long corridor to the study room and cafeteria.

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3rd May 2021

Konoharagakuin 1955~1975

 After the death of Father Totsuka Bunkei, the founder of Sakuramachi Hospital, his collaborator, Okamura Fuku, founded the Missionary Order of St. John the Evangelist in 1944, under the order of the then Bishop Doi to manage the hospital. When she was looking for a quiet place to build a training institute for the growing number of sisters, the head clerk of Sakuramachi Hospital came to her with a proposition.

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7th April 2021

2021 Spring Flowers

Despite the Corona panademic, the flowers and grasses still find time to praise God.

17th March 2021

2021 Cherry Blossom Viewing

7th March 2021

The Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist - Mother Okamura Part 4

  Without God's help, how could the newly established congregation and hospital survive? The sisters also united their hearts to work for the congregation and the hospital, saying that it was God's grace, that they were able to do all they could to serve God and their neighbors and to do missionary work without losing their trust in God. In those days, when the small and poor congregations could not even buy sandals, Mother asserted that one person's suffering was everyone's suffering and one person's joy was everyone's joy. This is a great question for those of us who live in an age where there is an abundance of things.

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22nd February 2021

The Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist - Mother Okamura Part 3

  Fuku Okamura worked day and night to serve those who were poor and suffering from lack of access to medical care. Sometimes people came to her covered in dirt, and she gave them a bath, cleaned them up, and served them a meal. There were many tragic occasions when we were called in the middle of the night and when we went there, the patient was a mother, cold with her baby crying. While helping Father Totsuka, she became a neighbor and mother to the person in front of her.

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1st February 2021

The Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist - Mother Okamura Part 2

As a student at the Sacred Heart, she woke up early in the morning to help out at home, as she had promised her parents she would, and then she went to school. At Sacred Heart, she was greatly influenced by the mothers. When she saw them working for God's triumph in a foreign country that they had never known, she wondered why. And that changed her. Of course, there was the foundation of her faith that she already had. When she was a little girl, she saw Jesus on the cross at Nicolai Hall and made a vow even when she was still very little.

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8th January 2021

The Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist - Mother Okamura Part 1

Our congregation, the Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist, is a small congregation that was established in Koganei in 1944. At that time, Koganei was in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Tokyo. All around were fields. Father Bunkei Totsuka built the Sakuramachi Hospital here in 1939. It was a big hospital for tuberculosis patients at the time, and was built with the goodwill of many people. Unfortunately, Father Totsuka passed away before the hospital was finished, and I would like to talk about our foundress, Fuku Okamura, who took over the remaining hospital according to God's will.

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1st January 2021

Happy New Year

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27th December

Thank you for 2020

1st December

Merry Christmas from the
Sisters of St. John the Evangelist

15th November 

Catholic Fuchu Church  Sales Event

We had a sales event for the St. John's Congregation at the Catholic Fuchu Church on Sunday, November 15th. This year, the annual bazaar which is usually held during this period was canceled due to Covid-19. Father Andrea, the presiding priest at the church, decided to hold this event out of consideration for the parishioners, just prior to Christmas, due to church events having been extremely restricted due Covid-19. Items produced by the St. John’s sisters, such as handmade cards, next year's calendars, stationery, bookmarks, stickers, and other handicrafts were sold.

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fuchu church bazaar

The annual Catholic Fuchu Church bazaar was held on Sunday, October 20th. Although the weather had been rather unstable with constant rain. However, during the day it improved and we were able to finish safely.

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Cycling around Lake Yamanakako and a visit to Fuji St. John Facility
On May 3 during the long holidays, the aspirants, postulants, and one other headed Oshino Village in Yamanashi Prefecture early in the morning. Blessed with wonderful weather, the magnificent Mt. Fuji welcomed us. Taking a direct bus from Mt. Fuji Station to Lake Yamanaka we rented bicycles on the lake and went around Yamanakako. A refreshing breeze blew through the beautiful fresh greenery of the lake, and we were fascinated by the beautiful scenery of another world. We got off our bicycles on the way and viewed beautiful Mount Fuji from the lake again and again.


St. John Congrgation

We express God's deep love through our service to the:
suffering, and


 I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him.
John 15:5

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Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.
John 9



A new commandment I give to you,
that you love one another.
John 13:34



If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be.
John 12:26


We express God's deep love through our service to:
"the sick,
the suffering, and
the marginalized"